People who believe that art brings joy & vibrancy to our residents and our business community

Elevate Art Menlo Park, a local non-profit organization that aims to enliven downtown Menlo Park with art installations, to enrich lives, strengthen community and boost civic pride

Purpose: To enliven downtown Menlo Park with art, to enrich
lives, strengthen community spirit & boost civic pride

What We Do: 

Elevate Art Menlo Park displays professional quality art in public spaces temporarily on private property in Menlo Park.

We obtain sites, select artists, help with production & installs art. For artist commissions, we raise funds from private donors & company sponsors.

Founding Members

Dana Hendrickson
Program Director

Art engages our minds and emotions in unique ways. It can amaze, stir our imaginations, exhilarate us and stimulate thoughtful reflection & conversation. Our community deserves more of these wonderful experiences. I have lived in Menlo Park with his wife and family since 1986.

Debbie Hill
Community Relations

I love the sense of community we have in Menlo Park. I value our downtown area as a great place to shop and gather. I look forward to helping create the spirit of vitality our town deserves. I have lived in Menlo Park with my husband and family since 1988.

Jerry McCreary
Artist Relations

I enjoy being active locally in our neighborhood to shop and come together. I was interested in forming a Public Art Program to fill the gap since we don’t have a group dedicated to art for Menlo Park. We came together to give everyone art to enjoy.  I have lived in Menlo Park, since 2008 with my wife and two daughters.



Christine Duval
Art Director

For me, art is the highest form of hope. Art is for the Future. In my career I have focused on making this a reality and like to apply this to bring public art to our community in Menlo Park.  I have lived in Menlo Park since 2010 with her daughter and husband.  

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